LAKSHMI MADHAVAN HOSPITAL is one of the best hospitals in TIRUNELVELI and having 100 beds, provides the advance medical and surgical interventions with a perfect mix of inpatient and outpatient services. LAKSHMI MADHAVAN HOSPITAL is the one of the most preferred hospital for Child birth in Tirunelveli and also deals with all lot of complicated high risk pregnancy cases requiring multispecialty consultants.

Because of tender, loving care (TLC) for the both mothers and the newborns, it has become one of the preferred hospital for referral of high risk cases from the periphery from various doctors.

We understand the joy of motherhood and encourage the family to provide physical comfort and emotional support throughout child bearing and delivery. We have suites for delivery, recovery and neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU), intermediate care unit (IMCU) and round the clock medical and nursing care.

We will fulfil your dreams, like a mother. And Specialist medical care will be provided for you and your baby. We provide state of art services in Labour theatre, Operation Theatres, Neonatal Resuscitation, Incubators, Open care systems, General surgery and support in ICU and NICU.

We acknowledge that pregnancy is an exciting time for you and your family, and offers several options for maternity care to meet your individual needs. We offer holistic services for the reproductive health and gynaecological needs of women in a comprehensive, sophisticated and dedicated manner with highest emphasis on patient safety.

Other than obs/gynec /neonatal, pediatric medical, surgical facilities, we also handle any emergency for a woman with at most care and perfection with that specialized doctors, giving individualized treatment to each patient who steps into LMH, giving them a friendly atmosphere.


  • High quality services for people from all walks of life at an affordable cost.
  • General medical care like Hypertensive treatment, diabetic treatment are taken care by specialized consultants.
  • 24 x 7 Intensive Neonatal Care and general Paediatric care.
  • One to one care during hospital stay and two to one care during your delivery.
  • Labour analgesia (Painless Labour) at request.
  • Specialized attention throughout pregnancy in high risk patients.
  • Encourage mothers to gain knowledge in correct immunization schedule for their children.
  • Offer practical breastfeeding advice by dedicated lactation consultants.
  • Offer physiotherapy exercise for normal delivery.
  • Suggest nutritious food by dedicated dietician.
  • Comprehensive health check up for new born before discharge by a neonatology paediatrician.
  • Easy accessibility of consultant for emergency services.
  • 24 x 7 emergency causality cares.
  • General medical (Master health check-up for all)


  • Admission Details 2012-2013

    • Appointment Call:





    • Dr. M.Manickavasagam MBBS, M.D.,
      Booking Time
      Day: Monday to Saturday
      Morning: 6:00AM to 12:00PM
      Evening: 4:00PM to 6:00PM


    • Dr. M. Madhubala Manickavasagam MBBS., MD., DNB., MNAMS., FICMCH
      Booking Time
      Day: Monday to Saturday
      Morning: 6:00AM to 06:30AM ONLY


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    Emergency Contact Number :

    • 8610776518


    Our Happiest Patient's Review

    • @Soniya Joseph

      I underwent treatment in Lakshmi madhavan hospital recently. Big thanks to Dr.Madhubala. Me and my family are very much satisfied with the treatment. Staffs and nurses were polite and caring. Rooms were clean.overall good hospital. I will highly recommend this hospital to my friends and family. Dr.Madhubala does a great job and I wish Gods blessings in all her works..

    • @Sindhuja R

      Good hospital. They will try for normal delivery to a greater extent. Madhubala doctor is very kind and encouraging.


    • @Aarthi Senthil

      Dr.madhubala mam is our family doctor.she is very intelligent and experience person.she only saw delivery for my mother very lovely person.dr.manikavasagam sir also very encouraging person.sir very lucky to have his wife . hospital and room are very neat and hygiene.when ever I see madhu mam she talk not like a doctor .she talkes like our daughter.And I love LMH very much.nures and servant are good people.god will always bless madhu mam.and most like one first mam listen what the patient is told .and then she a treatment.nice human being. I love and respect Dr.madhubala forever..

    • @Green Waves

      I visited this hospital for my mothers health issues. I really wanna say thanks to hospital staff and nurses. They were really great in giving respect and response to the patients. Dr. Madubala also very kind.. Finally my mom was fully recovered.. Thank you so much. All the surrounding doctors forced us to do operation, our final hope is this hospital only. Dr. Madubala mam save my mom without any operation. Highly recommended hospital for ladies issues.

    • @Spylan B

      Nice dedication with their duties and dr.madhubala mam and dr.manikavasagam sir and nutrition & dietician and nurses team good guidance and helping Especially pregnancy time Im tension all the time but madhubala mam given my wife and son safely thank you so much mam and team  especially after new born their providing healthy food for mother thank you all.

    • @Sivaramakrishnan R

      I am blessed with girl baby on 16/6/23, My Son S.Ram Mithran also was born in Lakshmi Mathavan Hosp on 20/7/20. Thank You Dr.Madhubala mam for timely desicions & taking utmost care of my wife like a mother in each & every visit we meet..

    • @JGN

      One of the best hospitals in Tirunelveli. The hospital has both Gynaecologist and Pediatrician with good experience over the years. We had nice experience with the staffs and Doctors..

    • @Neeladevi Natarajan

      Thank you Dr. Madhubala madam. I delivered my baby here in Lakshmi Madhavan hospital. She tried everything on the textbook for normal delivery. Please dont go with other reviews. I would highly recommend her for pregnancy and delivery. My other gynaecologist friends confirmed that she had been giving the best care for me. Kind request to other reviewers you might spread misinformation which might cause a patient from getting the best care. Please review responsibly..

    • @Konar Subhash

      Very Humble Doctor,Nurses and all the staffs. They prefer normal delivery unless any critical issue. And after discharge claim documentation is also crystal clear. Any one can blindly prefer this hospital for Pregnancy and Pediatrician visit..

    • @Jemima J

      The best hospital and doctors in Tirunelveli. I had normal delivery here. There were so many complications but still doctors encouraged for normal delivery and they monitor everything continuously. They provide care and support to patients. Cost of treatment is also reasonable. There are so many negative reviews which misleads people. The hospital has all facilities and doctors 24/7..


    • Happy Doctors Day, 1 July 2023
    • Approved for 2 seats of DGO from national board of examinations, new delhi.
    • NABH
    • IVF work(Test Tube Baby) is started successfully.